ARTICLE: Racial bias found in algorithm used to predict healthcare needs of millions of Americans

“Predictive algorithms that power these tools should be continually reviewed and refined, and supplemented by information such as socio-economic data, to help clinicians make the best-informed care decisions for each patient.”


Racial bias found in algorithm used to predict healthcare needs of millions of Americans

BY: Harriet Alexander

An algorithm used to predict the healthcare needs of patients in the United States has been found to discriminate significantly against black people.

The computer programme is sold ...

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Will the Coronavirus Help Cement Role of Telemedicine?

“Telehealth has been an important tool to ensure members have continued access to provider services during closures associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, but we must build on its promise of providing cost-savings for employers and consumers in the future.”


Will the Coronavirus Help Cement Role of Telemedicine?

Massachusetts expanded access to telehealth through executive orders meant to help hospitals and health-care providers respond to a surge in COVID-19 cases while continuing to care for patients’ other medical needs.


Telehealth has ...

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INSIGHT: Healthcare Workers Targeted By Dangerous New Windows Ransomware Campaign Using Coronavirus As Bait

Healthcare Workers Targeted By Dangerous New Windows Ransomware Campaign Using Coronavirus As Bait

By Davey Winder – Senior Contributor


Cybercriminals, who truly deserve the epithet of cyberscum, are attacking healthcare targets with a new and dangerous Windows ransomware campaign.

At the start of March,  I warned how a new Windows ransomware threat was hiding in plain sight. That threat was NetWalker, and it’s now being used by ...

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As pandemic persists, health care heroes beginning to crack under the strain

After five months working shifts at an emergency department in Oakland, Douglas Frey says he’s mentally and physically spent. Most days the tall, athletic-looking 47-year-old nurse ends his shift depleted by what he calls an undercurrent of tension.

Every day Frey worries he’ll make a mistake — picking up a contaminated mask, perhaps — and bring the virus home to his two boys and wife, who is immunocompromised. ...

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BREAKING NEWS: CMS Has Released The Proposed 2021 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule


  • Conversion Factor decreases -11%:  winners and losers by specialty
  • Telehealth services-some extended through the pandemic and beyond
  • E/M Overhaul moving forward for 2021
  • Supervision and scope of practice changes for extenders and ancillary providers
  • Quality Payment Program updates for MIPS and MPV

CMS confirmed that the E/M office visit codes remain on track for their first major overhaul in 25 years. The updates, which would focus code level selection on medical decision-making or time, are set to take effect Jan. 1, 2021.

You can no longer delay your ...

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Florida Chiropractor Spent Virus Aid on Netflix, Gym, DOJ Says

By Jennifer Kay

A Florida chiropractor allegedly paid for Netflix, a gym membership, and other personal expenses with the more than $200,000 in small business loans he received from federal Covid-19 funding, the Justice Department said.

Dennis Nobbe, 63, of Miami, made his initial court appearance Wednesday in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida on charges of wire fraud, health-care fraud, conspiracy to commit health-care fraud and wire fraud, and making false ...

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CMS and CDC announce provider reimbursement available for counseling patients to self-isolate at time of COVID-19 testing

Yesterday, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are announcing that payment is available to physicians and health care providers to counsel patients, at the time of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) testing, about the importance of self-isolation after they are tested and prior to the onset of symptoms. 

The transmission of COVID-19 occurs from both symptomatic, pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals emphasizing the importance of education on self-isolation as ...

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U.S. health insurers, wary of telehealth overuse, urge more planning in policy easing

Antonita Madonna

U.S. healthcare providers and some lawmakers want to extend a regulatory accomodation for telehealth services granted during the COVID-19 pandemic. Health insurers, however, want policymakers to manage concerns regarding its overutilization and to redefine healthcare-provider state licensing requirements.

Growth in the use of telehealth services has skyrocketed during the pandemic as the Trump administration considerably relaxed regulations pertaining to the use and reimbursement for telehealth in the Medicare program. Patients and healthcare providers, forced to stay home and adhere ...

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How The Pandemic Casts Physician Burnout in New Light

By Andis Robeznieks

The COVID-19 pandemic is exacerbating the national public health problem of physician burnout and weakening patients’ tie to the essential physician care they need to manage chronic conditions.

These are among the insights that AMA President Susan R. Bailey, MD, shared during an online program hosted by The Atlantic magazine examining how COVID-19 exposed longstanding inequities and deficiencies in the nation’s health care system.

“Burnout has been a problem ...

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